QuinLED-Dig-Octa PTC “Auto-Reset” fuse option

All powerboards are normally offered with fuse sockets for input and output terminals or only outputs on the HC (High Current) versions.

For permanent or less supervised installs this can however present a maintenance problem where a PTC auto-reset fuse would be preferred. These PTCs basically act the same as a fuse with the exception that when the fault condition (over-current, short circuit) is removed it will automatically resume normal function again thus requiring less maintenance.

PTC versions of the boards can be used for 5v, 12v and 24v just like the normal fuse socket boards.

[image of PTC version]

Currently special order only

Currently the PTC version boards are not in our standard stocked versions. The biggest reason for this is because it’s hard to judge what value PTC is required for the intended job. With the normal fuse socket boards every end-user or installer can install the required fuses appropriate for their specific setup, cables and power usage.

For the PTC version boards this however needs to be determined while building the boards and can’t really be changed anymore after the fact.

On the normal version boards these can be:

  • Input
    • 3x 18Amps PTC (up to 24v) for the 3x input cables
      • Allows the 50Amps continuous maximum input current
  • Output
    • 12x (power-5) or 16x (power-7)
      • Up to 12Amps PTC at 25c temperature
        • For 5v applications we have the ability to use 2x 6Amps PTC for less voltage drop)
      • Lower values are also possible (6Amps PTC for instance)
        • A PTC should be sized in such a way that whatever wire size is connected to it the PTC will always break the connection before the wire can become compromised (melt, burst into flames, etc.)

On the HC (High Current) versions of the boards only the output ports can be configured with PTC auto-reset fuses.

Minimum order quantity and processing time

Because these versions involve special work we will require a minimum order quantity of 10 boards. Please also allow a minimum of one week of processing time before shipping. This is because we’ll have to order a special assembly run to configure the boards to your custom specifications for the outputs. These boards will also only be shipped using expedited shipping and might come packed in bulk instead of the default board packaging.

Please contact me on Discord to talk about a possible order.